• Product Introduction
  • Flue tube-smoke tube boiler vs. multi-tubular boiler
Summary of flue tube-smoke tube boiler
What kind of boiler would you choose for your business site?
The boiler is key equipment in a business site using high cost energy; ideal selection of a boiler helps surplus management. With 40 years of history of producing condensing boilers and tubular boilers, this company comparatively analyzes in details the pros and cons of two boiler types to help facility designers and users determine the ideal boiler.
Double-effective condensing boiler
The flue tube-smoke tube boiler is the most popular boiler used around the world since it was developed in England and Germany in 1952 for the use of supplying rapid cold and heated water to apartments, resort complexes, factories and ships. Daeyeol Boiler has attached an air pre-heater and economizer to the gas flue tube-smoke tube burning boiler and developed the double-effect condensing boiler that can quickly respond to change in load using an inverter blower and automatic continuous water supply pump. This boiler has been certified for its quality for excellent product certification from the Public Procurement.
The tubular boiler is a small boiler of under 1.5 t/h of evaporation amount and under 10㎥ of heating surface developed in Japan in the early 1980s. This boiler can be used without a license or inspection and is mostly used in small scale business sites. Recently, tubular boilers of 2-3 t/h of capacity with thousands of fins to a water tube are produced. Under the cause of supplying steam to the desired amount at a desired time, there are cases of installing dozens of tubular boilers of 2-3 t/h capacity to business sites that are sufficient with 2-3 units of condensing boilers of 10-15 t/h. Tubular boilers cannot properly respond to change in load in installation sites and cause major problems in efficiency, failure (A/S) rates, lifetime, noise and electricity consumption, resulting in a major disadvantage to users.