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Total solution company
in boiler management
Daeyeol BNS is a former company providing total solutions of boiler management created by adding the 3B spirit (Before, Better, Best) to the know-how in customer management and boiler maintenance of the service department of Daeyeol Boiler, a company specializing in industrial boilers since 2009.
Total solutions including water quality management, antiscales, annual maintenance, regular safety inspection, etc. of boilers provided by Daeyeol Boiler assure effective and consistent use of boilers by customer companies.
02 Also, by operating 17 directly managed offices nationwide, rapid response to failure of operation of boilers is possible through 24-hour A/S submission and processing.
Currently, we are responsible for ‘annual maintenance’ of customer companies including ‘Konjiam Country Club’, ‘Busan Central Star’, ‘Kyungpook National University Hospital’, and ‘Daedeok GND’ to ensure stable operation in various situations, and ‘boiler comprehensive water processing agent’ is delivered to sites installed with various models including ‘Samsung Biologics’, ‘Seoul Forest Galleria’, ‘Verna Biotech’, ‘Shinsegae Department Store’, ‘Gimpo Airport’, ‘Korea Testing and Research Institute’, ‘Hyundai Steel’, and ‘Philip Morris’ in business cooperation with Spirax Sarco Korea, giving recognition the excellence of customer management.
As a total solution company representing Daeyeol Boiler on the front line, Daeyeol BNS shall lead stable and efficient boiler management of customer companies and endeavor the best to maximize customer satisfaction through consistent customer service.